WOSAWE Cycling Jersey Summer Short Sleeve ropa ciclismo hombre China MTB Bike Cycling Clothing Cycling Clothes

WOSAWE Cycling Jersey Summer Short Sleeve ropa ciclismo hombre China MTB Bike Cycling Clothing Cycling Clothes. #WOSAWE #Cycling #Jersey #Summer #Short

You may have missed that view and focused more on motorcycles and cars. The bike fashion is in full swing and this serves both the protection and the style. Over time, it has become generally accepted that being a cyclist or even cycling is an eye-catcher. In general, you can wear a simple T-shirt and jeans or shorts while cycling. With the hype in the cycling industry, companies have either discontinued their own bicycle equipment departments, or new companies are rushing to bicycle-based clothing. With people who are more committed to cycling both physically and professionally, factors such as comfort, protection and style have long been controversial. A professional cyclist needs a complete set under the fabric belt to get on the road. However, it should be borne in mind that certain gears may be required for different types of cycling. Here are some that you can consider;

  1. jerseys

There are many types of jerseys in the market that are made from different products. Lycra or spandex products, however, improve performance by minimizing drag during riding and preventing excessive sweat. Some other things to consider when buying a jersey include the front zipper for better ventilation, the stand-up collar to protect your neck from scorching heat, sleeves that are tilted further, and the reflector, which is particularly suitable for night driving.

  1. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are fundamentally different from what we wear in everyday life. Designed specifically for the rider, they provide extra stretch for greater freedom of movement and padded stride for less friction. You should try several shorts before you buy because the padding may vary for your perfect fit. Other types of cycling shorts available on the market are BIB shorts, skorts and mountaineer cycling shorts.

  1. bike Jackets

Now it can be difficult to choose a cycling jacket as your ideal choice can vary greatly due to the weather and the prevailing weather forecast. If the forecasts are undercut, waterproof jackets are the best choice. And the warmer, the better your continuous mantra for colder situations. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is the weight of the jacket, as this can affect the friction and balance.

  1. Cycling shoes and socks

SPD shoes are best when you want to ride a bike made with pedals without a clip. You should also focus on the soles and look for a light weight and thinner pair. Your choice can only be changed on a rainy or wet day, if you need a shoe with a toe-protected part that improves your performance through additional balance and windproofing. Sweaty feet can be a big problem when walking or pedaling. Avoid cotton socks. We recommend socks made of polyester, nylon or merino wool.

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