Versace – Cropped cady bandeau top

Versace – Cropped Cady Bandeau Top – Pink

Are you tired and bored with the same look day after day? If you're still not bitten by the bandeau bug, chances are you'll do it soon. The latest trend, which quickly attracts the fascination of the population

But the change in fashion statement can often burn a hole in your pocket.

Follow the instructions to make your own bandeau top at home without having to spend a lot of money. All you need is an old shirt, a scissor-type sewing machine and a felt-tip pen.

Here is a simple guide on how to turn your first bandeau into a top musician.

Find the right cloth - Find a T-shirt that's a bit covered. Since the bandeau tops are tightly wrapped and tied, it is wise to look for a large T-shirt. A good alternative is to find a pair of leggings and cut under the rubber band.

Crop the right part - Because the bandeau tops are largely personalized, choose the length of your choice and make the right cut. Be creative with the pattern to achieve interesting combinations.

Sewing the top edge - Roll a nice 3-ply over the top of the band and sew it to give your top a proper edge.

Make Final Designs - A few good knots here and there or a few details with some DIY clothing design materials.

Bandeau is for self-confident girls. It is advisable to wear it comfortably and naturally. Fashion is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Enjoy your new wardrobe with pride.

Show your shoulders with the comfort in one hand and the style statement in the other. Given the popularity of bandeau tops reaching new heights, now is the time for you to become strapless.

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