The pattern embossed on this Italian leather bag gives you a bag like no other. …

The pattern embossed on this Italian leather bag gives you a bag like no other. The floral design, combined with the natural grain of the leather, gives you a pattern that is truly one of a kind. This bag showcases the style and elegance which you expect to find from Tuscany, Italy. This is an Original Tuscany Leather Product © and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity seal, a holographic label and a warranty notice. #handbag

Handbags are one of the most important things in a woman's wardrobe. They are the most useful single product that a woman advocates, not only because they are a pretty accessory when combined with the right outfit, but also because they are essential for rolling away. Important things that women swear by and that they do absolutely do not like badges, wallets, their favorite miniature Eau de Parfum, their mini make-up kit, gizmos and all kinds of normal things that might fit in.

Handbags come in different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and textures. They have cotton bags, canvas bags, PU satchels, wickerwork, goatskin suede, metallic textures and a selection of leather bags.

Before embarking on the exciting journey to buy a leather handbag, you need to make sure what you are getting into. Leather is essentially made by a process known as tanning animal skins. The most common skins come from cows. However, pig, sheep, alligator, ostrich and lizard skins are also popular. Leather is a durable, durable material that ages elegantly. Whatever the current fashion trend may be, a good leather bag will NEVER go out of fashion.

Now there is leather and then there is Italian leather. And no, it is not procured by an endangered Italian species. So do not get upset about this exotic name. Italian leather is often made from ostrich skin. Ostrich leather is thicker and offers more durability and elasticity than other leathers. Italian leather or ostrich-made leather also has a different appearance, i. H. Greater bumps on the surface, causing goose bumps. Ironically, leathers procured in Italy, such as cow and lamb skins when made in Italy, are also classified as Italian leather.

Italian leather is considered to be the best type of leather, and Italian-made leather is known for its high quality of workmanship, as the animal skin is less imperfect. Generally it is full grain leather made from the best raw hides. Full grain leather is tougher and more durable. Due to its supremacy over other leather types, it is also very expensive. An Italian ostrich leather bag can cost up to several dollars, maybe even more.

Italian leather is more expensive due to the tanning process and high quality craftsmanship. It can easily cost up to six times more than the normal leather. Italian leather is hand-crafted, and the passion for handcrafting has passed down generations for generations, making it both valuable and precious to the heritage.

Italian skins are usually not pigmented or coated. The challenge is to maintain the beauty of the skin during the tanning process. The surface is not uniform except for exotic prints, which contributes to the exclusivity of the coat. These leather skins not only age elegantly, they also become more beautiful over time and develop a beautiful, rich and exclusive patina.

So you save time to deal with this beautiful work of art, an Italian leather handbag, and it is enough to say that you will not be disappointed.

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