The fashionable aunt.

The fashionable aunt.

The British preference for hats is in a very special alliance, while many nations have a "national hat," the Americans are often associated with baseball tops and the French the beret. The British hat has custom handles that are characterized by class, gender and style, and has been in use for quite some time.

Smaller hats are better

Large overflow caps make for a sensational expression. In case you are going to a wedding as the mother of the lady or the lucky man, a bigger cap could fit, but just in case it suits you! Try not to feel that your hat size reflects your meaning and status at a wedding. You should try a few sizes and shapes and not be forced to buy the wedding hats that match the outfit you bought. It may not suit you!

Be stylish

A brilliant principle with wide crowded caps is that they should not be wider than your shoulders because they make you look extremely crooked. Real style comes when you have the strength to move away from the matching top, coat, skirt, backpack, shoe, cap in the magazine or on the mannequin, and when you try to sort the design pieces. The whole "matchy" look can look calm and the outfit will be hard to re-wear or merge with other pieces in your wardrobe. Can you really wear these traditional wedding hats as visitors to another wedding? Otherwise, your risky outfit may be worn once.

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