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Whether you have a creative twist or not, designing your own T-shirts is a fun process and the results can be amazing if you know a little bit about designing t-shirts. While the process may be a bit daunting, the fun of wearing a T-shirt you designed yourself makes up for all the hard work that goes into creating it. If you want to design a T-shirt, follow the tips below to get a head start.

Tips for designing T-shirts

  • Spend enough time - It is very important that you give your creation enough time to make sure that the result is attractive. It's better to sketch your design on paper first, try different variations, and then decide what you want.
  • Think of the T-shirt. So, if you've finally made a sketch on a piece of paper that looks really good, think about whether it looks that good on the T-shirt as well. One way is to stick the sketch or a printout of it on the T-shirt and see if it looks good.
  • Keep Things Simple - When you detail the details of the design t-shirts, it's better to keep things simple when you try them for the first time. If you already have 2-3 of your T-shirts ready, you can think about different designs with intricate details.

If you want to experiment, do it as often as you want on the sketch and not directly on the t-shirt. If you are satisfied with the design, you can also try it on your t-shirt.

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