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Choosing the right shoe has always been a problem, but specific needs can limit it. Different shoes serve different purposes, such as walking shoes for walking, football boots only for playing football and running shoes for running. Although each person has a different physical shape, size and weight of the feet and the surface on which he is to walk, there are some attributes that can be used to select the different running shoes according to their shape. Based on some attributes, different people can categorize them in different ways. Running shoes can be classified as follows: stability shoes, motion control shoes, padded shoes and barefoot shoes.

Stability shoes are recommended for people who have small to normal bows and over-pronates, ie their feet tend to roll in when walking. Therefore, these are made with good support and medium damping.

Motor control shoes can be considered as another category of shoes. These have the most support and upholstery than any other shoe category and are recommended for flat feet or heavy-duty individuals.

Padded or neutral shoes require a little cushioning, which is recommended for people with minimal pronation and neutral gait.

Barefoot shoes have, as the name suggests, too little or no cushioning. This is only for the protection of the feet, as many people think that they are more efficient when running without shoes.

Other categories may need to be edited to improve execution. There are several brands that produce almost all types of running shoes and some focus on one type or another. So every shoe is not for everyone and you should contact an expert or coach.

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