Stripy Espadrille Shoes pattern by Caroline Brooke

CROCHET PATTERN for cute little Stripy Espadrille Shoes for Baby. These are nice, simple shoes for boys or girls – have fun choosing some nice bright colors in soft cotton dk yarn. Or simply make them in one single color – the possibilities are endless and so exciting!

The wardrobe of a man or a woman is incomplete, without a pair of perfect shoes that complement your clothes on different occasions throughout the year. A perfect shoe for formal and informal occasions is a pair of espadrille shoes. It creates a unique fashion statement and is extremely comfortable to wear. Basically it is a pair of casual shoes from the Pyrenees, which have a cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole, which is usually made of a soft and durable rubber material. Only by looking at the sole can you distinguish the Espadrille shoes from hundreds of pairs of shoes.

The name of the shoes derives from a French word that has been in fashion since 14th Century. The basic structure of the shoes is that the upper part is made of canvas and the toes are sewn with a rope. The lacing of these shoes is tied around the ankle to provide stability while walking. Both for men and for women. The demand is enormous. For this reason, manufacturers are developing the latest designs and colors of Espadrille shoes to attract more buyers.

The material of the shoes is generally a synthetic fiber that is generally flat, but sometimes also available in heels. The shoe upper is available in different shades and colors as well as in different designs, from open to semi-open to closed. You get a huge price range for espadrille shoes, from cheap shoes to designer pair shoes. There are many designer brands that design shoes for men and women. Visit the shops to get a look at these designer shoes.

Two factors are important when choosing Espadrille shoes. If you are looking for high heel shoes but still comfortable, you can choose Espadrille. These shoe colors can be easily combined with summer clothing thanks to a range of natural shades offered by the designers. The Espadrille Wedges provide your body size, without compromising the comfort of the shoes. The ankle straps in the wedges provide stability and comfort when worn over long hours.

Flat shoes can not be replaced by other heel styles. They are best suited to give casual clothes a chic and funky look. You will find these shoes easily available on the market, otherwise you can look in the online stores for the best deals on designer shoes at high prices. If you can wait for sales or offers, you will get the brand shoes at affordable prices through huge discount offers at the time of sale.

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