Nude faux suede platform barely there heels


The naked heels are the latest sensation among women, especially celebrities. You could see that women's nude shoes are becoming increasingly popular and a must in the wardrobe collection. The advantage is that it can be worn on different occasions, eg. For example, at parties, weddings, celebrity shows, etc. Due to its versatility, it is available in different styles and colors. So you need to know some basic instructions when choosing a pair.

The bare heels match your skin tone and give a larger, sexy and elegant look. It goes well with different costumes and outfits. In general, skirts and dresses go well with patent leather heels. It is better for dark outfits, but not for orange. Most of the time, shoes get attention at parties, while bare heels draw attention back to clothes. The white and black fits perfectly to any event. Always choose a pair that matches the skin color and not the dress. The chocolate color is suitable for a darker skin tone and the light color fits perfectly to light skin.

The stiletto heel looks sensual and is recommended for a shorter period. It is suitable for smaller women and goes well with a skinny jeans. Especially with blue color. The kitten heel goes well with bigger people. It fits trophy pants and pencil skirts. The wedge heel is casual wear the best combination. It gives the ankles a thinner appearance and there are many materials to choose from. The flat heel goes well with taller women, and shorter skirts are preferred outfits. The bare heels are indispensable in the wardrobe collection. Depending on the structure and skin color you can choose a suitable pair.

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