Nike x Destroyers – Dunk High + Letterman Jacket

letterman jackets | Nike x Destroyers – Dunk High + Letterman Jacket

It has always been, but only recently has it become a popular sportswear. Yes, I am definitely talking about a letterman jacket. In recent years, there have been many popular sportswear trends such as jogging pants, sports bras, yoga pants, jogging pants, and many other types of active clothing, but what attracts fashion fans around the world is the modest Letterman jacket. Let's look at some ways we can refine this popular all-American jacket:

With jeans and stilettos - Who said it can only be used as a day wear? Combine skinny jeans, sky-high stilettos and our heroine, the Letterman jacket, for a complete look.

Boring winter coats are monotonous. A mixed, woolen letterman jacket not only keeps you warm, but also gives your ensemble a sporty touch. This jacket is not just a college favorite, but also a glamorous outerwear.

Durable leather and boots - express the rugged, durable look of the classic Letterman leather jacket. You can opt for a leather look or leather sleeves for a sharper look.

Floral printing - If you want an elegant look, choose this letterman. Pair with this long skirt or even a short dress, add a pair of gladiator sandals and you'll have an assorted, dewy look.

Denim - Did you think we can leave the men behind? This would look amazing on a game night with your gang. Be sure to add some sporty shoes and look for an international look.

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