Men’s wardrobe essentials: mens khaki pants

Men’s wardrobe essentials: mens khaki pants

With the beginning of the summer months, the comfort and lightness of the clothes in the foreground, the fashion is in any way in the men's fashion in any way in the background. Men may be habitual animals, but who ever said that fashion can not be comfortable and easy. Jeans and formals may be the favorites in menswear, but the idea of ​​lounging in a stiff fabric makes you struggling. But do not worry, the almighty, super comfortable pair of khakis, aka chinos, is the new summer item for men who do not want to give up their comfort.

Men's khakis have an unusual history. Originally recognized as a uniform in the army worldwide, khakis got this special name because the fabric has a light yellow-brown hue that borders on dark beige. The khaki concept was born in the 1860s during military advancement. It is now a fashion wearer for men around the world.

The term "khaki" is of Persian origin. They are also referred to as "chinos" and are a popular pants style for men. They have a casual look, a comfortable fit and are crafted from durable cotton twill, making them the perfect summer wear. Khaki literally means dusty. They have a neutral color and range from very light tans, almost creamy, to much darker tones, to gray brown and even beige green. The khakis are preferred for their easy-care routine, ideal comfort level and versatility. Men's khakis are mainly made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen and cotton blends and are chemically treated to reduce wrinkles, reduce blemishes and maintain shape.

The man who loves khaki can easily reinforce his style quotient by dressing casually with his boys for a day in the park or meeting in the boardroom, combined with a formal shirt. They are a must in a man's wardrobe because they are versatile in their looks. Khaki can be both pleated and have a flat front. They are well suited as casual wear for the day, for the office as well as informal and stylish evening wear, or if you are on the way to a light dinner or a social event and want to wear something semi-formal. A casual khaki could have multiple pockets, a semi-formal style would be toned down. With a variety of chemical washing and treatment methods, most khakis do not even need to be ironed. They are wrinkle-free, last longer and make the day perfect.

With most designers and high-fashion brands offering a variety of styles, the Basic Khaki is more than just a staple for the wardrobe. So grab the perfect pair in that perfect color, pair it with a white T-shirt or a powder blue linen shirt and you're ready to brave the summer heat !!!

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