Men's Cardigan Vintage Pattern c. 1940s

Men's Cardigan Vintage Pattern c. 1940s

Much has been done in men's clothing so far. From casual wear to the formal collection of summer or winter dresses, there is a wide selection of garments designed for men's wear. A professionally dressed man is always and everywhere welcome. Attracting always plays a crucial role in the personality development of everyone. In addition to personal behavior, dressing always leaves an impression on everyone.

If we take a closer look at men's winter clothing, we will find a wide selection of cardigans of all kinds. Many types of cardigans are suitable for any occasion. Here is an insight into different cardigans for me,


Men Cardigans are available in the following materials:

  • 100% pure wool
  • Polyester mixed cotton
  • Pure cotton
  • merino
  • cashmere
  • fleece
  • Real lambswool
  • Honeycomb knitted wool.

The cardigans for men are available in many attractive styles and these are,

  • Hood style with caps
  • towels
  • Turtleneck
  • front zipper
  • West-style


The men's zipped cardigans are available in different materials, for example

These zipped wool cardigans are popular with both boys and seniors. These are also available with hood caps. The wool zippers are perfect for the winter.


These cardigans are also referred to as Noma cardigan with buttons. Made of lambswool they are warm enough to wear in winter. The front buttoned cardigans are also available without sleeves.

The winters are not exactly cool with warm and cuddly cardigans.

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