Lanvin Shoes | Lanvin Sneakers Size 12 Design With Tens | Color: Black | Size: 12

Lanvin sneakers size 12 design with tens Product code 11514064TW Lanvin sneakers with printed design themed with the number 10. Shoes are slightly dirty as shown, no serious grime. Has small snags near the top of the laces, as shown. Has some chipped and damaged rubber, as shown. Let me know if you have any questions. Does not come with original packaging. Offers welcome. Lanvin Shoes Sneakers

The sneakers are very intimate these days. We see many celebrities and famous people wearing the sneakers. Not only do the sneakers look stylish, they are also comfortable and easy to use. Nowadays sneakers are available in a large selection. There are many different brands that produce high quality sneakers. Lanvin sneakers are among the highest quality sneakers.

Lanvin sneakers:

The best of Lanvin sneakers is their absolute quality. You will not find such high quality sneakers anywhere else. They are made of the best and highest quality material, so they certainly have a longer life.


The Lanvin sneakers are available in so many different colors and styles. Here you can choose a color that suits your personality or your occasion. There are decent and the unusual sneakers. The sneakers are available for all ages.

Sneakers for women:

Sneakers are not limited to men. Nowadays women also wear sneakers. There are so many stylish and elegant sneakers for women. The sneakers for women have been specially developed for the needs of girls and women.


The price of the Lanvin sneakers is slightly higher, but it is right if we consider the quality and class of sneakers. You can find the best Lanvin sneakers for 200 - 400 GBP. The price is the same for men and women.

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