Lace Up Platform Sneaker

Lace Up Platform Sneaker – J Adams

Many wear shoes to cover the foot; Some wear shoes to improve their size, but others do not just wear shoes. They wear a pair to improve their style and be on the go. Shoes have become a matter of course in today's fashion world.

The PLATFORM SNEAKERS speak of shoes that contribute to the body size - without compromising the comfort, like the stilettos. Nonetheless, it is not solely due to altitude; It conveys sportiness and style, if you wish. PLATFORM SNEAKERS are available to both men and women and are often used by teenagers. The trend was already in vogue in the 70s in the UK, Europe and the US and has evolved over time.


PLATFORM SNEAKERS come in a variety of designs and designs: some are in the trunk; some as slippers; Some as lace-ups and others with wedge heels - women will definitely love to have this. Eileen Fischer's Spree sports sandals make a unique appearance, since they are still sandals but have the double honor of being sneakers - would fit skinny jeans ... what do you think?

The combination of insole, midsole and outsole makes the foot comfortable. The insole is usually made of liquid silicone or polyurethane, while the outsole is made of carbon rubber. Now, the material that makes up the Vamp is a crucial element that can say a million words to the world: synthetic and artificial leather, rubber, jacquard and even cotton can be used as the material and / or fabric.

Turn off in style

Watch a movie in peace; Take a walk in the park ... - Put on a PLATFORM SNEAKER that matches your T-shirt and jeans, or do you want to do hip-hop steps? Then grab a pair of PLATFORM SNEAKERS and make the gig. The most exciting thing for me is to do a workout in the morning.

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