Keep your bum dry with longer-length rain jackets.

Keep your bum dry with longer-length rain jackets.

Not many of us feel like our clothes are soaked when walking in the rain, and not many - especially men - love to let their hands hang while we wear the umbrella - in fact, some abhor, one wear have to umbrella. Could these have been some of the considerations of Charles Macintosh before he invented the RAINCOAT in 1823? You never know, but one is that the raincoat was of immeasurable advantage during the rainy season - and before you get carried away by the name: the raincoat is not just for the rainy season like some hunters, fishermen, riflemen ... use in everyday life a form of RAINCOAT. They are usually made of rubber, nylon, rayon, polyester, wool, cotton, vinyl and some are fur-lined.

There are different types and styles of RAINCOAT: There are those with hood and those without hood; there are also sleeveless ones; Some can be supplied with buttons, zippers and belts. They also vary in length, but one is synonymous with their water resistance. And for those who do not like the traditional RAINCOAT [probably because of weight it adds], the "Cagoule", a lightweight waterproof garment, is just right for you.

Also, the days passed when you had to wear a boorish garment to keep it from getting wet. They are still in fashion in the rain and with a designer on RAINCOAT.

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