Just found this Hooded Anorak Jacket – Waxed Cotton Anorak — Orvis on Orvis.com…

Just found this Hooded Anorak Jacket – Waxed Cotton Anorak — Orvis on Orvis.com!

An anorak jacket is a kind of coat with a hood that protects you from freezing cold. It is lined with fur for more warmth. It is basically a waterproof overcoat with or without an opening at the front, and often has drawcords at the waist and cuffs to prevent body heat escaping at very low temperatures.

Anorak jackets or coats are often made of a polyester fabric, and the length covers the hips only slightly. It has a hood that can be permanently attached or removable. It has full sleeves with a full front zip with full quilted lining. There are usually two or four zipped or push-button pockets and one or two inside pockets. Some jackets have a fur trim on the collar. Some anorak jackets feature clean hooded lines and features inspired by the Arctic for everyday wear. There is a drawstring at the collar, at the waist and at the cuffs. These jackets are waterproof and can stand the test of time. The Anorak jacket is available in a variety of colors, but the most popular are black, navy blue, brown and gray. Some jackets are like coats and longer and have a cuddly knit collar attached to the inside vest of an insulated cold weather jacket with straps to attach the padded hood. These jackets are normally washed in the machine with cold water and are suitable for tumble dryers, while some special jackets have to be chemically cleaned.

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