Insides matter just as much as outsides #grainlinestudio #tamarackjacket #regram…

Insides matter just as much as outsides #grainlinestudio #tamarackjacket #regram via @hollybwel

Quilted jackets were introduced in 1965. While the companies that used to make quilted jackets are out of business today, many companies are producing their own versions of quilted jackets. With so many options available on the market, there is often confusion. To help you choose the best quilted jacket, we have made this post. Go through this post and maybe in the end you know what you want to buy.


In addition to the look, the warmth of a quilted jacket is of great importance. If you live in a colder area, you can opt for a jacket that is thick and technically mature. If you need something for daily wear in colder weather, you can choose longer jackets that cover larger body areas. It is also very important to check the small details of the jacket as they can make a big difference. Insulated wind flaps, cuffs on the sleeves, knit collars and an insulated baffle on the neck are some of the other small details that can keep your body warmer.

Functional as well as fashionable

The quilted jacket you choose should be versatile and not just functional. You should be able to carry it easily in the office and also when hanging out with friends or camping. There are many brands that offer quilted jackets that are both highly functional and stylish.


It is up to you to choose a quilted jacket with or without a hood. However, we recommend that you choose a hood. Hoods keep you warmer and eliminate the need to carry additional head accessories. Especially if you live in areas where the winters are very cold, a hood is a must.

Now that you know a lot more about quilted jackets, we can be sure that you will use your knowledge when picking up a quilted jacket and choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

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