Hype black shiny vinyl, lined with lime green 8 in deep, 11 inch width, 8-inch r…

Hype black shiny vinyl, lined with lime green 8 in deep, 11 inch width, 8-inch removable an adjustable strap. Plastic bag zipper seals it. There's two additional snaps on the side for more secure. Silver buckles and clasps, Clean, excellent condition. There's one little stain inside I took a picture please ZOOM in . And two pockets on the side. This is a cool fun bag. Smoke-free no animal hair. Hype Bags Shoulder Bags

HYPE BAGS belongs to a fantastic brand that was founded in 2011. Their products correspond to contemporary culture and fashion. HYPE BAGS comes in a variety of eye-catching designs designed specifically for schoolchildren. They have a fantastic stock of HYPE BAGS with the best designs. The wide range of HYPE BAGS includes a backpack with Hype boiled sweets, a black and white embroidery backpack, a sour color backpack, a small flower backpack, an Air Force HYPE BAG, an old leather backpack and more. These HYPE bags are perfect for schoolchildren and carrying things for family outings. As the hype of the brand shows, these HYPE BAGS are equipped with exclusive hype features, including a large zippered main compartment that holds most things, as it is very spacious. With the large main compartment, it also has a smaller zipped front pocket that is adjustable shoulder straps that can be adjusted accordingly. And most importantly, these HYPE BAGS contain an embroidered hype branding.

HYPE BAGS is available in various prints and colors. It's not just for students, it's also for small children because its collection includes children's items such as customized cartoon HYPE bags, sponge bob bags, etc. The brand hype not only includes a fantastic assortment of HYPE BAGS, but also also clothes and accessories. Overall, these HYPE BAGS promote individuality, creativity and the latest fashion. Like this HYPE BAGS comes in exciting and vivid colors that makes it very trendy and stylish.

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