Hippie Cardigan

Boho cardigan, boho jacket, hippoe style

Boho clothes is basically a bohemian clothing style, which is related to vintage fashion. This boho style is designed to bring the vintage style back to the modern, as this style of clothing combines colorful, organic, folkloric inspired garments with modern and simple pieces to make it look chic and classic. This trend of wearing boho dresses was triggered by Hollywood stars in their films, which was later emulated by women and fashion designers who began designing such dresses for mass appeal. This hippie and gypsy style dress was a very retro 70s style, which got its name for boho clothing in combination with a modern style of clothing.

Boho clothes These include flowing and vintage clothing with accessories inspired by ethnic styles with natural make-up and hair. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and velvet are used for boho dresses and the colors are also naturally inspired like beige, brown, orange, earthy red and dark green. Such dresses are decorated with beads, fringes and embroidery. Embellishments can be done with crochet and lace with hats and bags. These are often loose-fitting dresses that are worn for comfort in flowing layers. Often flowy shirts are combined with waisted pants or skirts or vice versa. You must consider your body type before choosing a boho dress. For a curvier figure, choose garments with more structure, as flowing objects make you look taller, while for a slim and short figure, shorter tops with skirts in a tighter fit would look best.

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