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Sports shoes are usually suitable for walking and running as well as for all types of exercises. These shoes are used worldwide by athletes from various sports fields. Sports shoes have different names worldwide. Joggers, canver, sneakers and sports shoes.


The essential component of sports shoes is the sole. The sole has three layers; Insole, midsole and outsole. It consists of complex fabrics and materials that give your foot the proper support and power during exercise and other sports activities. The sole consists of a balanced weight, so that the exercise of the activity is not difficult. It should not be very easy that the foot barely stays on the ground and it should be hard and heavy enough to grab the ground and also be able to perform or perform the activity with ease at the time.

Types of sports shoes

There is a large selection of sports shoes. Everyone has their own exclusive use. Generally these shoes are divided into three main categories, depending on the type of sole incorporated.

  1. Motion Control Shoes: Also referred to as maximum support shoes. Are good for running. The sole is hard, heavy and very padded than other types of shoes. The targeted sole is flat on the surface.
  1. Stability shoes: The cushioning is lower than in the first category and also less heavy and stiff. Provides a good support for the coaches. It's for the half-bent soles.
  1. Neutral shoes: These shoes contain less cushioning and are lighter and softer than others. It is suitable for curved soles and normal running.

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