Great Gatsby Wedding – Now this is a flapper dress!

Great Gatsby Wedding – Now this is a flapper dress!

The origins of flapper clothing were in the early 1920s, especially shortly after the First World War, when women advocated a liberal position in society and brought about a tremendous change in fashion and style.


ONE Flapper dress is a dress with hem to the knee or even up to the thighs. The fabric is light and flowing, easy to float and has many draped fringes and ruffles, especially at the hem, which give it an ultra-modern swish-chic. It is usually a straight piece of fabric from the top to the hem and wide across the waist.


A variety of flapper dresses are available in the markets.

  • The straight flapper dress in vintage style with uneven hem makes your posture less visible. If you have no work, you can attach a sparkling belt to your waist.
  • Another previously worn version of the flapper dress features a beautiful and heavy beadwork that lets it glide more over the body look.
  • A flapper dress with drapes that fall from the waist to the hem gives you a typical flapper look.
  • The fringes from the neck to the hem give the dress a charming whirligig look.
  • The ruffles on the hem or the layered frills from below the shoulders to the hem of a strapless dress are another style of flapper dress.


The flapper dress looks great when you want to wear it at a glamorous show party or at a dance party. It can be put on for a prom evening with some sparkling bold colors. Elegant styles are available for sporting events or concerts.

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