Gabor Leather Booties Fits like a 7 in women but they say size 5. Worn only once…

Gabor Leather Booties Fits like a 7 in women but they say size 5. Worn only once. Great condition. Really soft leather. Heel height measures about 2 1/2 inches high. Beautiful ankle booties. gabor Shoes Ankle Boots & Booties

In view of the rapid trends in women's shoes, today's trends are "Gabor Pumps". These are especially popular among the chic women of society. This type of shoes requires a high quality and stylish design. Gabor pumps are available in various designs and are usually made of leather or elastic textiles. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a Gabor is that it is an ideal pair for elegant and casual attire. It fits perfectly with any clothing, whether you're wearing a pair of jeans or a T-shirt, or dressing up for an official meeting.

An elegant and fashionable woman knows exactly what suits her style best and complements her good looks. Looking for a Gabor pump you can choose from a huge collection. You can choose from a wide range of elastic straps, fantastic toe caps, cross straps, blocky heels and much more to help you find the best one for you.

What are pumps?

These are low-cut shoes, usually flat shoes or low-heeled shoes. They usually have no ankle straps or closures. They can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. Here they are different from stilettos because they come with a pointed heel and are usually worn only on formal occasions. Combine it with a good shirt, a skirt or a pantyhose and you can look damn sexy. It is commonly said that even some men's shoes are referred to as pumps; However, you can never be sure of this rumor.

History of Gabor

The history of Gabor goes back to the year 1949 in a small town in Hamburg. And they are the most popular for strict quality procedures, fit and comfort with always new looks and designs. Gabor is now the most popular brand for women's shoes in Germany. Gabor has been working in the family business for more than 60 years and manufactures women's shoes (ballerinas or pumps, rollings soft, for girls and children, slippers) and women's shoes. Over the years, the company has launched several new products and the new technologies are being developed from time to time. Rollingsoft is the newest product.

Types of pumps:

The different types of umps that Gabor offers are:

  1. Ballerinas
  2. Ballerinas
  3. Casual pumps
  4. Look at the pumps

These pumps are available in different designs and colors as well as in different textures like leather, suede and cotton lining. The heel size starts at 2 cm.

Los girls, grab the shoe of your dreams !!

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