FREE SHIPPING in the USA The most awesome pair of shades with palm tree's in…

FREE SHIPPING in the USA The most awesome pair of shades with palm tree's in the lenses and “BEACH'IN” underneath, printed on your choice of a cozy cotton tee shirt (for men or women) or 60/40 cotton/poly lightweight racerback jersey tank top (for men or women).

Tank tops are the ultimate men's condition, whether they fit snugly and show off your muscles in the gym or the normal ones that are worn casually on a summer's day or at work in the garden. The most popular are the white or black, which are sleeveless t-shirts or one with a lowered armhole. Wear casual shorts or cargo pants with flip-flops. Men's tank tops are great for when you're on vacation, at the beach, mowing the lawn or just enjoying a Sunday beer. Tank tops are clothes that attract no attention. While a Basic T-shirt suits every type, a tank top will only look good if you have decent arms and good muscles.

Men's tank tops can be made from ultra-soft and lightweight cotton or polyester to keep you cool and dry. The materials are usually pre-shrunk and retain their shape even after repeated washing. They are either in simple colors or in vivid patterns and colors. They usually have a large U or V neck, but a ribbed round collar is quite common. The pattern on the tank top can be customized according to your choice. You can choose from endless designs such as animal motifs, beer motifs or even catchy slogans. A very popular design on the tank top is the American flag in red and blue and is sure to attract attention.

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