Exclusive Keeping it Classy Black Peplum Top

LULUS Exclusive Keeping it Classy Black Peplum Top at Lulus.com!

In ancient times, the peplum was basically a bodice to which a skirt or bottom was attached. Meanwhile, the peplum from a dress was brought into a top shape. It's been trendy since the 30s and 40s. Although like all other fashions, the shoots experienced fashion ins and outs. Nevertheless, it is now available in markets with more seductive styles.


The peplum top or peplum style actually serves to underline the waist that is to be presented and / or to highlight a smooth waist. While the top down the waist is more like a furbelow. The hemlines usually have a frilly pattern and wander around the pelvis.


These days, joking peplets are trendy on the markets. It is good for hot summer season and looks good even with a jacket in winter.

  • You can combine it with miniskirts or shorts. Take a pair of knee-length boots with you to the outfit.
  • Wear a maxi flower skirt or a printed skirt. It will also make charms on a beach party.
  • Wear it with trousers for a casual, cool, chic look.
  • Pantyhose with peplum look very upbeat and lively.
  • Put on a peplum with trousers and put on a sweater that is well suited for a casual gathering place.
  • In the cool winter season, wearing a jacket or cardigan on peplum is another great idea.
  • Nowadays, it is also a big trend to fasten a peplum from the waist with a decent ornamental belt.

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