Eliza J Stretch Ruffle Crepe Sheath Minidress

Women's Eliza J Stretch Ruffle Crepe Sheath Dress, Size 10 – Red

Petite is a dress for women under 162 cm and can be supplied in any size. They are designed for shorter sleeves, length and torso. The designer can play with the stripes to make the person look slimmer or taller than they actually are. It is not always easy to choose a dress for a petite size.

Points to keep in mind when choosing a dress for Petites-

Always avoid a round neck and instead choose a V- or U-shaped neck, as it tends to look long enough to pull a person's eye up, thus hiding a short neck. It is also important to choose a dress This fits with a buggy dress, makes you look shabby and gives your body shape more volume. A matching dress will bring out your curves and make you look good. A dress with large prints should urgently be avoided. Instead, smaller prints should be used that are appropriate for your body structure. One of the most important aspects when choosing dresses is that the hem should be above the knee or slightly below the knee. A dress whose hem ends at the knee tends to look shorter. A petite woman should avoid wearing clothes that have too many little details like bows and ruffles as there is too much going on in your clothes. it overwhelms your little frame.

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