DESIGN casual slim oxford shirt in ecru

ASOS DESIGN casual slim oxford shirt in ecru | ASOS

Oxford Shirts are a pretty cool choice for men's clothing. They can be worn for both casual occasions and casual occasions. These shirts are named after the fabric weave. There are many different companies that produce Oxford Shirts for men and are available in different price ranges depending on the quality of the fabric. Before you buy such a shirt, you must be aware of some things to buy a high quality.

Oxford shirting fabrics:

Oxford shirts are usually made of cotton. A mixture of heavier and lighter cotton threads is used to create a basket-woven look. High-end designers use 100% cotton, while some of the designers use synthetic blends in the manufacturing process. The shirts are very comfortable to wear and lightweight, making them a great choice for both formal and informal occasions. If you are looking for a fine Oxford shirt, the 100% cotton shirt is just what you are looking for.


Oxford shirts come in different designs and designs. They are available in casual, semi-casual and formal styles. All of them are button-down shirts and you can use them in pants or vests stowed or loosened. The wearing style may vary depending on the occasion.


Oxford shirts are available in both retail and online stores.

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