Des pantalons à carreaux hiver 2019

Des pantalons à carreaux hiver 2019

You can have your own definition of long pants, but it's something that reaches to your feet, unlike the trendy ankle-length pants, capris and shorts. It is commonly known as pants and has been used since ancient times by both men and women. It was one of the most commonly used forms of lower body clothing.

Nowadays, fashion changes every day and it's important to keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest trends. With so many famous types of parts sold, it can be difficult to choose between styles and styles.

The two most important terms in choosing the best garment for yourself are "fashion" and "comfort", and there are several brands that allow you to choose both together. You just have to choose the utility and make your choice.


Pants or trousers were replaced by jeans-based jeans. They are now more fashionable, especially as casual wear. However, office workers still opt for the cotton pants option to represent their formal ideas. It can have different variants like Baggy, Slim, Skinny, Regular, Tapered, Straight etc. and people will choose according to their wishes. Both men and women find it easy to wear regularly.

We can hardly imagine that the trend of jeans has an end.


I've never seen a guy wearing palazzo pants, so this is certainly a fashion trend for women. A Palazzo pant has a loose fit and a wide leg. Palazzo pants were a trend in the 1960s and 1970s. It can certainly cause you to fall into a comfort zone during the summer season. Because it is loose, it is very light and comfortable to wear and does not adhere to the skin. Palazzo pants are available in bold colors. If you are tired of the jeans, your wardrobe will certainly be a little more lively. Palazzo can be combined with a shirt with buttons, a simple T-shirt or even a coat.

Cargo pants

If you like outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, cargo pants are the right choice for you. Because they are baggy, they allow you free movement and the large number of pockets allows you to keep your hands free with the space in the pants! They were originally created for the military, but are now being abducted by both men and women.

Yoga / Training pants

Yoga or training pants are usually intended for people who sweat their body. They are designed to keep you comfortable and dry during your workouts. They are elastic and therefore a good choice for clothing.

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