Best White Sneakers For Men in 2019

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Sneakers are among the most comfortable shoes of humanity. Sneakers can be worn on many occasions, e.g. B. as casual shoes, as loafers or in everyday life. Sneakers are available in different colors and print patterns. So you can actually match them with your clothes. White sneakers are often preferred by many people. White as noble as it looks, could be a pain when it comes to cleansing it. People love white sneakers, but avoid getting away only with the cleaning part. But you do not have to do that anymore. Here are a few simple steps to keeping your white sneakers clean:

  1. Homemade method

Things you need: bath, warm water, salt, detergent, brush, toothbrush, cloth, paper tissues and newspaper

Procedure: Remove the string of shoes and open the tongue. Pour warm water into a tub. The depth should be enough to soak the shoes. Add some salt and detergent. Soak the shoes in the tub for 3-4 hours. Remove it after 4 hours and scrub it with a brush with mild bristles. This is to ensure that scrubbing does not cause much wear. For small areas and corners you can use a toothbrush for cleaning. Then wash it with water. Dry it with a cloth and towels, let it dry further.

  1. Professional method

Things you need: shoe polish, spray, brush, cloth

Procedure: First dust shoes with a cloth and spray around. If a spot appears less white or blotchy, apply shoe polish. Shiny shoes are ready in a few minutes. You will find these products in every shoe store.

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