Bella Hadid takes the plunge in metallic gold gown at NYC fashion show

Go for gold like Bella in a dress by Ralph Lauren #DailyMail

Gold is fat. Gold is rich. Gold is glamor. Well, for all the reasons when it comes to golden dresses, a woman can not resist wearing them for a party. Gold dresses are so attractive and no matter what a woman's complexion is, this is a color that suits everyone. Gold has that magical power to brighten the party mood and make it even more glamorous. Whenever you choose a golden dress, choosing accessories is definitely difficult. Here are a few simple tips on what to combine with your beautiful golden dress:

  1. Clutch and bracelets: You can choose a glossy or mirror-smooth clutch. If it has a golden touch, it would just be so perfect. To look even more perfect, wear a heavy black and gold combination bracelet.
  2. Neck piece: If your dress is high-necked, you can skip wearing a neck. But if you ever want to wear one, try to wear a long one. Make sure the neck piece is not gold colored. Everything that is black or dark gray suits your gold.
  3. Paragraphs: Golden high heels would be a perfect combination. But depending on your dress, glittering black heels would fit. Avoid wearing flats unless you are really a good size with a golden dress.
  4. Earrings: If your dress is very shiny and shimmering, you can sometimes avoid it with earrings. In this case, leave the hair open and make-up your eyes strong.

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