Baseball Mom T-Shirt ZK01

Baseball shirts are worn from daily training to match day, so they must be made from a fabric that feels airy and very soft while providing full mobility. It should be so comfortable that your clothes are the last thing you think about during the game. Baseball shirts are worn in summer and spring with baseball jackets and zippers for a classic look.

A baseball T-shirt is a mix of cotton and polyester jersey with raglan sleeves and a contrasting crew neck. It has a sweeping hem and the sleeves are three quarters long. The neckline is tied with Lycra ribs for a better fit. The fit of the baseball shirt keeps you cool and fresh throughout the game. The fabric is made to absorb the sweat of your skin and make you feel fresh. When it rains, this weatherproof baseball shirt is moisture repellent and moisture resistant, as the fabric dries quickly. A special baseball T-shirt with compression technology clings like a second skin to the body contours and supports the muscles and promotes blood circulation. You can add some personal style to a baseball T-shirt by customizing it. You can choose from many fonts and slogans and even choose the color combination.

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