BAFFIN Youth Eiger Boots 5 Black EPK-J001-BK(5) #MotorcycleParts

BAFFIN Youth Eiger Boots 5 Black EPK-J001-BK(5) #MotorcycleParts

Baffin is the largest winter footwear company for men, women and children in Canada. Baffin has become the undisputed leader in the development of such footwear that can be used effectively in extreme weather conditions while providing aesthetic value, quality and comfort.

Baffin boots are designed for activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing and hunting in extreme temperatures. These can be worn by people who work in industries such as exterior construction, mining and forestry in very cold locations. Baffin's waterproof Arctic boots feature seven-layer insulation to keep your feet warm and freezing the freezing cold. The special feature of Baffin boots is that attention is paid to every detail. These boots have a multi-layered foam inside, which acts as an insulator and provides a better fit for the foot, which allows the heat to be stored better. A rubber compound tested in the cold chamber ensures that the boot bottom does not crack or freeze at -50 degrees Celsius. Robust nylon is used for the upper boot and is waterproof tested to keep the cold at bay. Baffin's waterproof technology keeps feet dry by keeping water and dirt out with a toggle-type nylon cuff. The Baffin Arctic winter boot features polar protection and a well-insulated and waterproof drawcord boot that effectively shields the snow. The thick sole provides a firm and non-slip stand above the winter ground.

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