36 Ideas how to wear kimono jacket casual

36 Ideas how to wear kimono jacket casual #howtowear

One of the latest trends is wearing a KIMONO JACKET. KIMONO JACKET refers to loose-fitting jackets based on old Japanese clothing. At first it was only worn at music festivals, but now it has also influenced the high street culture. KIMONO JACKETS are available in different colors, sizes and designs. The wide assortment includes fisherman-sleeved cardigans, fit, cut-out kimono, paisley pompom with kimono trim, cover-ups for festivals and more. There are also different colored prints that look very elegant. The sugar flower print and the black butterfly print are among the trendy ones. The designs and prints are very exclusive and can be worn as casual wear as well as at parties. This style is not only reserved for the holidays, but now an everyday fashion.

The floral KIMONO JACKET is perfect for going out in the summer and can be worn during pregnancy as these jackets are not only comfortable but also lightweight. The open KIMONO chiffon jumper with baggy front looks stunning and beautiful.

KIMONO JACKETS are easy to combine with all types of jeans and T-shirts. Any body shape and size can carry the stylish look and update their style accordingly. They are very versatile as they cover longer versions with belts and light covers. KIMONO JACKETS match every look. It does not matter if it's girly, nervous and casual, or anything in between, you can always find a jacket that suits your looks and especially your personality.

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